12 Best Plants To Grow Alongside Garlic

Garlic is such a powerful plant! A pretty pot of garlic placed inside the house (on coffee table, at working desk,..) can help repel mosquitoes and flies. Garlic cloves are an “essential” ingredient for daily foods. They not only makes the food more fragrant but also add nutritional values to them. Then, it’s regret that you do not grow garlic at home. Growing directly in the garden and in containers all work. The later is highly recommended for those living in the apartments.

To let you harvest plenty of garlic, we write this post. It’s about 12 best plants to grow alongside garlic. Some help improve garlic flavor, some make garlic grow better and some control pests. They are all popular vegetables but offer extra things when grow side by side garlic. If you love gardening or just get interested in growing garlic, just give these a try. I find it worth, so hopefully you do, too.

#1 Spinach

Spinach is a perfect companion of garlic. It helps deter weeds in early spring when the garlic is doing the most growth.

#2 Lettuce

Garlic grows well with lettuce. They do not compete for nutrient in the soil and they are both grown in the cooler seasons. Not just that, garlic can prevent insects from eating your lettuce.

#3 Cabbage

Garlic does great things for cabbage when grown alongside. It helps deter lots of cabbage pests such as cabbage loopers, cabbage worms, aphids, and Japanese beetles.

#4 Broccoli

As broccoli is in the cabbage family, so garlic also helps repel its pests.

#5 Tomatoes

Tomatoes can earn a lot of benefits when grown near garlic plants. They help improve the flavor of the fruits.

#6 Celery

Celery is also a great companion for garlic. Garlic will help deter pests that might feed on your celery plants.

#7 Peppers

Another nightshade plant to grow alongside garlic is peppers. Growing young peppers before your garlic harvest can repel their pests and disease.

#8 Chamomile

Growing your chamomile alongside garlic, and this helps improve the flavor and growth of your plants.  Summer savory and dill can have the same effect.

#9 Carrot

Garlic and carrots help each other grow better. Carrot will fight off insects that feed on garlic and garlic will help repel the carrot fly.

#10 Rue

Growing rue alongside your garlic can help repel the onion maggot that can infest your bulbs.

#11 Beets

Beets and garlic roots need different soils for grow, so they do not compete for nutrients.  Garlic may also prevent your beets from some fungal infections.

#12 Fruit Tree

Do you know that fruit tree earns alot when grown near garlic? Garlic will help deter borers and mites. It can also help prevent the tree from apple scab or leaf curl.

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