9 Companion Herbs To Repel Insects For The Vegetable Garden

There is nothing better than seeing your achievement after long days of planting. All are going well in the right process, and promise a bountiful harvest the next time soon. But everything can’t be so perfect as your desire, as your hopes! The appearance of harmful insects is a bad cause. Don’t worry, in this post today, you will find great ways to remove those trouble makers from your vegetable garden.

That is companion herbs! Here we’ve collected 9 companion herbs to repel insects for your vegetable garden effectively and safely. Especially, they are suitable for those who are organic garden owners. These herbs exist as the nemesis of insects, but in contrast, they get along with plants and protect them as close friends, even they support mutual development. So rather than spraying chemicals in your garden, let the plants do the work instead!

#1 Sage

Sages can fend off cabbage moths and carrot rust flies. Plant them next to cabbage and carrots but keep away from cucumbers.

#2 Rosemary

Deters cabbage moths, carrot rust flies, and Mexican bean beetles. Plant near cabbage, beans, and carrots.

#3 Dill

Another option for repelling cabbage moths but keep away from carrots. Dill is good for attracting beneficial insects and is a host plant for black swallowtail butterflies.

#4 Basil

Basil is offensive to asparagus beetle and the tomato hornworm.

#5 Chives

Aphids and Japanese beetles do not like chives, also good to plant near carrots.

#6 Parsley

Parsley repels asparagus beetles. Good to plant near asparagus, corn, and tomatoes.

#7 Oregano

This herb repels cabbage moths, it is a kind companion to all vegetables.

#8 Mint

Deters aphids, cabbage moths, and ants. Also good to plant near tomatoes.

#9 Thyme

This herb can deter cabbage worm.

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