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    Strange: The village full of giant pumpkins is unique in Vietnam

    Although 70km from Quy Nhon city, traffic conditions are still difficult, but thanks to the connection of a number of travel companies, the giant squash village is unique in Chanh Trach 1 (My Tho, Phu). My, Binh Dinh) are increasingly attracting tourists to visit. This fertile land has squash varieties that are classified as “unique”, […] More

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    The “male papaya” tree bears “heaps of descendants” fruit hanging down to the ground, each fruit is super huge

    On social networks, there have been deformed male papaya trees that have surprised people because they are so strange. There are umbrellas that have a reputation of being “male” but produce fruit like “heaps of descendants”. There are umbrellas that are “female” but produce only 1 fruit, and are not even edible. That said, I […] More

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    With only 5m2, the English teacher has grown clean vegetables to eat, beautiful flowers to see.

    Love the young teacher’s 5m2 balcony full of vegetables and fruits. After being posted on social networks, the pictures of the vegetable, tuber and fruit garden of English teacher – Tong Le Tam (Hanoi) have attracted the special attention of “diaper” mothers. Green vegetables, ripe fruit, brilliant flowers… all are present on the 5m2 balcony of […] More

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    Vibrating the tree helps tomatoes to bear fruit: It sounds strange, but the results are unbelievable

    Tomatoes are easy to grow, but it takes a few tricks to get them right. The characteristic of tomato plants is that it needs a lot of warm sunlight but also likes moisture. Therefore, the most suitable time to plant is the early crop (Sowing in July-August, planting August-September, harvesting at the end of October-December), the […] More

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    How to grow water spinach without soil is still good and green

    It does not take too much time, does not take up space, more importantly, does not need to use sandy soil, but you can still grow water spinach with this method. Morning glory is a species of semi-aquatic tropical plant in the family Convolvulaceae, which is a leafy vegetable. The exact natural distribution of this species […] More

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    Just put garlic full of plastic bottles on the window. A few months later there will be clean garlic to eat all year round.

    Garlic is a familiar spice, has many meanings for life and health, so it is almost always present in every kitchen. Therefore, creating a clean source of garlic available to ensure family use is really essential. There are many different ways to grow garlic, but not every family has enough space or land to grow it. […] More

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