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    The idea of ​​​​planting an orchard on the terrace

    Growing fruit orchards on the terrace is a hobby and trend of many homeowners today. With a limited area of ​​garden land, taking advantage of the terrace to grow fruit trees has both a source of clean food and a cool and fresh space to help the family relax comfortably. Notes when planting fruit orchards on […] More

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    Unique clean vegetable garden grown on the family’s plastic waste

    By making use of discarded items, Ms. Nhai immediately had a clean green vegetable garden on the terrace that was both beautiful and economical. Ms. Jasmine mainly uses recycled materials such as fruit containers and plastic bottles to plant trees on the terrace. Grow clean vegetables from recycled items to protect the environment With the […] More

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    The garden is also a place of great inspiration for people, helping people to love nature more and create their own garden.

    Among the many benefits of companion planting, the most important one is that they attract beneficial insects to your garden. Also, if you have unwanted insects, you can use companions to help trap pests, repel them, or hide the affected plant. Many plants grow well together because they don’t fight each other for resources like […] More

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    Pumpkin Seeds – How to Save and How to Toast

    Hey folks, it’s Fall, and you know what that means. Pumpkin season! I can hardly drive more than a few miles without passing a farm stand, a pumpkin patch, or even someone with a bumper crop trying to unload a few pumpkins on passersby. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. The weather […] More

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    10 years of experience growing vegetables on the terrace

    In 2011, Ms. Ngoc Tran’s family took advantage of the terrace to grow sprouts, herbs, cucumbers, etc. Up to now, the garden has been luxuriant all year round with more than 60 kinds of fruit trees. My husband and I started gardening in 2011. At that time, my husband took advantage of the small terrace […] More

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    The boy “turned” the old terrace into a lush vegetable garden

    Not only providing a source of clean vegetables during the epidemic season, the terrace garden is also a place for the young architect to nurture creativity in design and keep his passion for the profession. Nguyen Duc Tri (SN 1994, now living in Ho Chi Minh City) used to plant trees many years ago. But when […] More

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