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    Gardening is simply a hobby and fun, but it has many surprises.

    Organically grown foods are often superior in quality to other types but are rarely available and even if they can be purchased, they are unlikely to be organic. Understanding this, from nearly ten years ago, Thu Huong, from Quy Nhon city (Binh Dinh) started gardening to provide clean and fresh vegetables for her family. At […] More

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    Woman Up-Cycles Old School Buses into Greenhouses

    Old school buses are cheaper and stronger than most greenhouses, and best of all, you can move them! Converting retired school buses into RVs and tiny houses has become increasingly popular in recent years, but now a woman from Alberta, Canada has found another use for them. Greenhouses are great way to extend the growing […] More

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    6 Unexpected Effects Spicy Food Has on Your Body

    Have you ever wondered what makes your mouth burn in that sweet, delicious agony when you bite into a jalapeno pepper? There are special taste receptors on our tongue that can feel the “temperature.” For example, if you’ve ever used menthol toothpaste, you’re very familiar with the “cool breeze” sensation. And vice versa, the majority […] More