How to grow water spinach without soil is still good and green

It does not take too much time, does not take up space, more importantly, does not need to use sandy soil, but you can still grow water spinach with this method.

Morning glory is a species of semi-aquatic tropical plant in the family Convolvulaceae, which is a leafy vegetable. The exact natural distribution of this species is unknown as it is widely cultivated throughout the tropics and subtropics of the world.

In Vietnam, it is a very popular and very popular vegetable. In water spinach contains protit, glucose, cellulose; minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron), vitamins (carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin PP, vitamin B2) and also lignin to help improve the function of macrophages, prevent rectal cancer .

 How to grow water spinach is actually very simple, no need for soil, the plant is still good and fat.

How to grow water spinach is actually very simple, no need for soil, the plant is still good and fat.

How to grow water spinach with a basket without soil

Step 1: Prepare the seeds

In fact, water spinach seeds to grow with a basket like this do not need to be chosen too much. Because, most water spinach seeds can be grown.

However, for high productivity, you must treat the water source with lime. You take about 300-400g of lime mixed into 10-12 liters of clean water. After 20 minutes, you filter 6-8 liters of water. This will prevent the sprouts from becoming contaminated.

Step 2: Prepare tools to grow vegetables

To grow water spinach without soil, you need to prepare plastic trays, pots, styrofoam boxes, plastic baskets. These tools are about 15cm high and 20-25cm long. In addition, you should prepare a vase to spray water when the seeds sprout to avoid sprouts and broken leaves.

Step 3: Grow vegetables

First, you have to incubate the seeds with sponges. Because, they have the ability to hold moisture very well. Then you put that sponge in the plastic tray. Remember to moisten the sponge first and then put the seeds in to prevent the seeds from getting damaged or out of place when you pour water. For each sponge, you should only put about 2-3 seeds in.

Take a bucket or plastic container that is slightly larger than the bottom of the basket and pour in the hydroponic solution.

Seeds after about 2 days have 2-4 leaves. Use a hydroponic solution bought at a plant supply store and lightly spray on the sponge to help the plants grow faster.

6 days later, you put the sprouts of morning glory in the basket and then put both in the bucket, the pot of hydroponic solution prepared in advance. You should pour water equal to the height of the sponge. If growing outdoors, you need to wrap a plastic bag to change the hydroponic solution.

About the first 5 days, you should not leave water spinach outside if it is hot. The next days, just leave them outside because water spinach is a sun-loving plant.

Note when growing water spinach without using soil

During the planting process, you should check the water in the jar regularly, especially in the summer to be able to add water in time.

Every 15 days, you need to change the hydroponic solution 1 time, because at this time the nutrients have been exhausted. This is also the time when the plant needs a lot of nutrients to grow, so you need to pay attention.

Do not pour too much water because water spinach loves the sun, if there is too much water, they can die.

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