Simplest Methods To Add Nutrients To Soil Naturally

Chemical fertilizers aren’t the only way to care for your soil and plants. Evenly, they also bring harmful for both health and environment. Luckily, there are effective organic alternatives, and you can even find some of them right in your house. In the post today, we will introduce the list of 8 Simplest Methods To Add Nutrients To Soil Naturally. With these ways, you’ll have a beautiful, healthy harvest and save your budget.

If you own a large garden, to have a successful garden you will have to spend loads of money on fertilizer and soil amendments at the garden supply store. By applying these kitchen scraps, you can maintain a healthy garden and reuse organic trashes instead of tossing them out or burning them. They are easy to make and useful for any gardener. Save them and try a combination of these methods to increase your soil’s nutrients and reap a better harvest.

#1 Wood Ashes

Source: Davesgarden

Wood ashes contain essential nutrients for plant growth. Also, they are a great way to raise soil pH and they can either be scattered or composted. Be aware, your soil isn’t already too alkaline before using it because this could damage or even kill any plants.

#2 Banana Skins

Source: Gardenmanage

Banana Skins are rich in vitamins and minerals so they are an excellent addition to your garden. When they decompose, they will provide all the nutrients plants need. Also, they are a great natural pest repellent to control aphids.

#3 Coffee

Source: Thespruce

Coffee grounds are a useful tool as they provide nutrients that plants need in order to grow strong roots as well as robust stem growths. You can use them by sprinkling over soil or added to your compost pile.

#4 Egg Shells

Source: Homegardeners

Egg Shells are high in calcium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, so they are a great way to increase your soil’s fertility. Simply, crush shells into the bottom of any holes you create for planting vegetables or flowers. Also, this way can keep pests like snails crawling inside and damaging your plant.

#5 Composting

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Compost can be made from many different ingredients like apple cores, stale bread and vegetable peels, or leaves and grass clippings. So, it is an organic matter adding nutrients to your plants so they can grow better and flourish.

#6 Expired Animal Feed

Source: Prslabs

Expired Animal Feed is a great ingredient to add to your compost for a nutrient boost. It will work by releasing beneficial elements like protein whilst providing nutrients and attracting insects fungus/bacteria

#7 Manure

Source: Thespruce

Using animal feces to fertilize may sound sketchy, but is a great way to fertilize. To help your plant don’t be burned, you should compost the manure before applying. Keep in mind that never use dog or cat poop as they can contain communicable diseases such as toxoplasmosis and roundworms

#8 Epsom Salt

Source: Kitcheninfinity

Epsom Salt is a great source of magnesium to help your plants in tip-top shape. You can use it by sprinkling it on the ground when planting seedlings.

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