The “male papaya” tree bears “heaps of descendants” fruit hanging down to the ground, each fruit is super huge

On social networks, there have been deformed male papaya trees that have surprised people because they are so strange. There are umbrellas that have a reputation of being “male” but produce fruit like “heaps of descendants”. There are umbrellas that are “female” but produce only 1 fruit, and are not even edible. That said, I can see how ingenious mother nature’s hands are.

Recently, on the social network TikTok, another deformed papaya tree appeared to attract the attention of the online world. The clip has so far garnered more than 1 million views and thousands of comments.

The male papaya tree produces fruit that “hangs down” to the ground, each fruit is super huge

At first glance, this papaya tree can be seen as male like its other brothers. The proof is the way the results “hang” all the way to the ground, each result is super unbearable and like being hung by a tough, sturdy rope. Regardless of whether there are fruit inside or not, but this type of growth makes it easy for the owner to pick it up.

In the clip, one point that made netizens comment was the woman’s statement. Accordingly, she valued up to… 7 billion VND ($300,000) for this papaya tree when asked by a man to buy it. However, it is known that the audio clip is from another famous video on TikTok.

Close-up of a fallen papaya tree on TikTok

Netizens commented on this “1-0-2” papaya tree:

– “Another male papaya tree with fruit…”

– “That time was not enough to distinguish between male and female stages, thanks to everyone posting too much to know!”

– “Looking at it, I want to cut all the trees with the tree!”

– “Papaya with results like this is like a bunch of leaves hanging in the house. Congratulations to the owner!”

– “Life is funny, our male papaya tree gives fruit laden with branches, and my tree is female, but I can’t see any fruit forever.”

Some papaya trees bear fruit like “heaps of descendants” that have caused storms on social networks

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