The “unique” aeroponic garden on the aquarium: Using high-tech agricultural production model, for outstanding economic productivity

The aeroponics vegetable garden, consisting of air pipes placed right on the surface of the aquarium, is unlike any other vegetable garden, bringing a stable and high income to the 33-year-old man.

We used to go and write about hi-tech agricultural production models, but we were quite surprised with Mr. Pham The Tuan’s aeroponic vegetable garden combined with fish farming (living in hamlet 7, Loc Thanh commune, Bao Lam district). Lam Dong).

Aeroponic lettuce garden each harvest from 500 – 800 kg

Vegetable garden planted on poles

After being discharged from the army in 2009, instead of sticking to his family’s coffee farm, Tuan researched the aeroponic vegetable growing model by himself. After 2 years of experiencing many failures, Tuan perfected and held the copyright of a unique aeroponic vegetable garden.

This vegetable garden was designed and built by Tuan on a wooden floor system, spanning across the lake to raise fish. Dozens of pre-drilled plastic cylinders are placed on the wooden floor in a straight line. Vegetables are planted in these small holes, the roots are hidden inside the tube, the stem is facing out to receive light for photosynthesis.

Cabbage grown by aeroponics method

Tuan said vegetable plants absorb nutrients and water through a misting system that is pre-programmed for each type of vegetable and plant growth time, along with weather factors. To operate this automatic smart misting system, Tuan installs a solar power system on the roof to proactively provide the most stable power source, because in remote areas, the power source often loses suddenly, especially in winter. the hot months, the peak season for coffee watering. If there is no electricity, if you miss the misting cycle, the vegetables will be damaged, reducing the yield.

According to Tuan, the investment capital for growing vegetables by the aeroponic method is quite high. With 120 m2, the investment cost is about 280 million VND, but in return, the cultivation and harvesting time is faster than growing on land, the quality of vegetables is very high. The aeroponic garden is 120 m2 wide, and Tuan can install 120 air pumps, each including a long cylindrical tube and a misting system. On the body of each tube, there are 52 holes drilled (equivalent to 52 vegetables). With lettuce, on average, each crop is 25 days, harvested from 500-800 kg, with the selling price of 35,000 VND/kg, minus the cost of income from 20 to 30 million VND/crop.

Tuan introduces the operation of aeroponics vegetable garden

Currently, Tuan’s aeroponic vegetable garden is growing more than 20 varieties of vegetables such as leafy vegetables, spices, coriander, zucchini, eggplant, cucumber, bitter melon… “Growing aeroponics does not require a large area. but still give high yield. Safe quality aeroponic vegetables, not sticky soil, large, beautiful, clean vegetables should be preferred by consumers,” Tuan shared.

Tuan’s wish is to have a capital cooperation unit and a stable output for aeroponic vegetable products; About technology and quality of vegetables, Tuan is committed to ensuring.

Not only growing vegetables, below the aeroponic garden is a fish pond. Tuan explained: “The aquarium has many uses. The lake water cools the air in the greenhouse, helping to regulate the temperature. The surface of the water has the effect of reflecting light, helping plants grow faster. The lake is an insect trap, preventing snails from damaging crops, insects falling down as bait for fish, not returning to trees. Not to mention when pruning vegetables, the old leaves become food for fish. Fish contributes to daily food for the family, income from personality to additional income.

Supply to the market more than 100 aeroponics poles

Tuan said that his aeroponics garden smart sprinkler system has registered a copyright with the National Office of Intellectual Property. Not only directly producing aeroponic vegetables, Tuan also designed removable pillars with compact machines, sold to many households in Bao Loc City, Bao Lam City, Ho Chi Minh City, Nghe An, Thanh Hoa… and share experiences so that they can produce their own vegetables to serve their family’s needs, especially during the Covid-19 epidemic, when they have to limit leaving the house.

Fish cultured under aeroponics garden

The selling price for each aeroponic vegetable cultivation post is from 1.8 to 2.2 million VND, depending on the quantity. Each aeroponics plant includes 1 controller, 1 air pump to provide nutrients to the plants. When Khanh placed an order nearby, Tuan directly assembled and instructed how to operate the system. For customers in the provinces, Tuan sent a passenger car to his house, with a video on how to assemble and grow aeroponics.

“There is a partner in Ho Chi Minh City that signed a cooperation agreement on aeroponics vegetable production in Loc Thanh commune with hundreds of pillars, but due to the Covid-19 epidemic, they have not been able to come up, hopefully when the epidemic is controlled this project will be successful. implementation”, Tuan confided.

Ms. Hoang Thi My Hang, Secretary of the Bao Lam District Union, shared: Tuan is a very active demobilized soldier who dares to think, dare to do, dare to make breakthroughs and diligently research and apply science and technology to agricultural production. . The model of aeroponic vegetable production is bringing high efficiency and is a new direction for the local high-tech agriculture industry.

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