Vietnamese mother of a million-flowered rose garden tells how to grow roses ‘up like mushrooms’

Ms. Phuong Thao from Hungary is a rose enthusiast, over the past 20 years all the plants in her garden have been planted and cared for carefully by her. She shared with reporters how to grow her roses.

Phuong Thao’s garden in Hungary is more than 20 years old. Over the past 20 years, all the trees in the garden have been planted and taken care of by her. After planting, the trees are carefully monitored. Which tree is weaker, you have to spend more time. There are trees because they just don’t understand “character”, she still has to move to 5.6 times, move until she is satisfied with the tree and according to her will.

Today, Ms. Thao will teach everyone how to plant and care for roses as they like.

– Choose the location to place the rose:

The most beautiful climbing roses are placed next to the gate of the house, the entrance, next to the lake. Rose bushes should be planted in places where you can sit next to them. All types of roses need sunlight, so pay attention to choosing the right place for the plant to grow well.

– Going to buy flowers:

You should choose plants with your favorite color and strong roots. Flower scissors are also very important, so buy a good type sold at the place where the seedlings are grown.

– Plant a tree:

Before planting, you should prune all branches that have been crushed, branches that are too long. Remember to wear gloves to avoid being pricked by thorns, causing difficulties while working, and losing interest.

When digging the hole deep enough, you should put some flower soil first, followed by fertilizer for the roses. After that, you just put the tree down, you put in the vitamin tree or other fertilizers for the persimmon that have been sold in the seedling stores, continue to pour the flower soil, press firmly with your hand to make the pink root grow. cut the ground.

After planting, you should use a watering can to spray water on the leaves to make them clean and spray on the base of the tree, lightly water the plants to start contacting the new house.

– Care after planting:

When planting for a week, you should apply a high-nitrogen fertilizer to support germination. At the beginning of the crop, you should dig up the roots, spray insecticides against fungi for roses, prune dry and weak branches. You water evenly every day with a light sprinkler, if it is hot, you should water in the early morning and late afternoon. Persimmon needs enough water, not too much.

– Pruning branches:

Pruning old and weak branches will promote a faster natural growth cycle. New healthy young shoots full of life, more likely to produce new flowers. For climbing persimmons, you can prune and bend the vines to your liking.

First, you cut off the dead, dead branches, then the weak ones. As you work for many years, you will have experience when it comes to cutting branches that are not beneficial to the tree. You should cut right on a strong bud, cut obliquely to the direction of the branch growth.

– How to take care of periodic roses

If you plant persimmons in pots, then after 6 months, you need to change the soil for the plants.

Growing and taking care of roses is not difficult at all, if you are passionate and really love roses. Just in the morning, you watch the tree, spend a little more noon and before going to bed to take care of the tree.

When it’s sunny in the summer, I need to have a little more attentive pink care standards. When it is too hot, we are also very tired when encountering hot sunny days, then we also need air conditioning, need to stand under the cool shade. Flowers are like people, so what we need to do with the tree is to shade the tree, somehow, we reduce the sun’s reception of the tree as much as possible.

– Fertilize vitamins for rose plants

After planting, we need to buy vitamins or good fertilizers for roses, which are often sold at seedling stores. I usually buy 100 tablets to use, or the fertilizers for flowers that are available for sale are also good.

There are 6 benefits when we apply vitamins to plants:

Help the roots grow strong, the tree grows fast and well

Helps plants get optimal metabolism

High content of Manesium prevents pointed leaves from browning

Good environmental protection: not drifting and spreading with water

Chloride-free, so the content can be increased without harm due to the increased salt content

Even at low temperatures, plants still have the force to grow./.

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