With only 5m2, the English teacher has grown clean vegetables to eat, beautiful flowers to see.

Love the young teacher’s 5m2 balcony full of vegetables and fruits.

After being posted on social networks, the pictures of the vegetable, tuber and fruit garden of English teacher – Tong Le Tam (Hanoi) have attracted the special attention of “diaper” mothers. Green vegetables, ripe fruit, brilliant flowers… all are present on the 5m2 balcony of the young teacher. 

This vegetable garden was started by teacher Tam in 2014. Inheriting the love of farming from her father, moreover, wanting to have clean vegetables and tubers for her children to eat, she embarked on renovating her small balcony area. me. 5m2 to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers – what seemed impossible has been realized by her. 

The first thing to do is buy land, make racks, plant trees… these are all supported by her husband. Her job is to choose varieties, learn how to plant, care for and arrange the plants properly. 

Sharing about the first days of planting vegetables and fruits, she said: ” I started planting in early 2014, right at the time of the hot sun, so many trees died. Moreover, at that time, I did not understand the characteristics of each plant. plants should find it very difficult. I didn’t give up, continued to nurse and learn how to care. Later on, I learned from experience and planted the right plants for each season and those that need less light.” 


After a long time of perseverance, Ms. Le Tam has a dream vegetable garden. Thanks to her “cool hands” care and reasonable layout, her 5m2 balcony gathers all kinds of vegetables, tubers, fruits and flowers such as chayote, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, onions, green onions. , strawberry, rose, confetti… 

The pots of green vegetables, the flower pots are blooming brightly, reaching out to catch the sun on the balcony of her house, just looking at it makes me feel good. 

“The balcony is full of flowers and fruits that help me relax, love plants, nature and bring many other benefits. For example, mint leaves help me decorate ice creams, cakes, smoothies… of all kinds. Spices make the meal more delicious and convenient, just reaching out the window can pick them up, “she shared. 

The 5m2 vegetable and root garden also brings many benefits to her daughter. She said, when feeding her baby, she mainly uses home-grown vegetables and fruits to ensure food safety. When my son was learning to speak, she often took him to the balcony and taught him how to name plants. Having practical images and being exposed regularly, her daughter quickly remembers the names and colors of vegetables, tubers and fruits. 

Every morning when she wakes up, the first thing she does is visit the small balcony. Witnessing the big and green trees every day is my happiness. 

Because of the small area, she had to arrange a reasonable planting location. She made wire ropes on the balcony to look after seasonal vines such as: Thien Ly flower, chayote, and mango. She uses wall pots to save space for plants that need less direct light such as nightingale, coriander…

Inside the balcony, she made a 2-storey rack to plant ornamental plants that purify the air, but do not need direct light such as bonsai, orchids… 

Immaculate and tender. The young teacher said that this is a plant that is easy to grow, easy to eat, and good for health, so she grows a lot. 

On the balcony railing, where the most light is, she uses long pots both inside and outside to look after vegetables and flowers. 

Spices are grown on the balcony, very convenient such as: chili, basil, mint, perilla, green onion… 


Each pot of plants is carefully cared for by her sister

Spices are grown around the balcony

And the flowers are indispensable

In the middle of the green balcony with vegetables, fruits, and colorful flowers reaching out to the sun

The bright flowers, adorn the balcony more beautiful

With only an area of ​​5m2, the young teacher has both clean vegetables to eat and flowers to look at

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