Woman was in bed with victim when she fatally shot him, but she asserts it was an accident

Gabrielle Elizabeth Bohn. (Mugshot: Hernando County Sheriff’s Office)

Deputies in Hernando County, Florida, say they have arrested a woman for fatally shooting a man while he was lying in bed with her. The defendant, Gabrielle Elizabeth Bohn, 19, allegedly gave conflicting statements on how and why the man was shot.

As police began investigating, they learned that Bohn was lying in bed with the man when he was shot.

“Deputies on scene advised overhearing Bohn make concerning statements about accidentally shooting the victim while the victim was being moved to the ambulance,” authorities wrote. “A witness told investigators she was in another room when she heard a loud bang. When she went to the victim’s room, she observed Bohn holding the victim. The witness, who is a nurse, told Bohn to start CPR while the witness called 9-1-1. The witness then took over doing chest compressions from Bohn.”

Bohn allegedly gave conflicting statements on how and why the man was shot.

“Bohn did maintain the shooting was an accident, and ‘she did not mean to shoot him,’” deputies wrote.

Authorities did not specify her relationship with the man or suggest how they think the shooting happened. They did not immediately respond to Law&Crime’s request for more information.

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